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About Mrs. Pele

After graduating from Cal State Long Beach, I decided to continue my education and worked for a Master of Arts in Teaching and Multiple Subject teaching credential from USC. Not too long after, I recognized a love for teaching history, so got a Single Subject teaching credential in Social Science from UCLA. During my time in grad school, I developed a passion for Gifted Education and earned a Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education. My area of expertise is to distinguish and respond to the respective differences encompassed by gifted and talented students. Using differentiated curriculum and pedagogical practices, my drive is to facilitate higher-order thinking through complex judgmental skills with ALL my students! EVERY student has a unique gift to offer in the classroom. I profoundly believe that every student deserves the opportunity to realize and reach their fullest potential, and I work hard everyday to provide those opportunities. The most important message I want to leave my students with is this: I care about you. I believe in your ability to learn and reach your goals, and if I've done my job right, then you'll leave equipped and knowing you can reach those goals.

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