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About Mr. Manning

Mr. Manning holds a B.F.A. from Chapman University, a Teaching Credential from Vanguard University and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Education.  He has over a decade of experience in the entertainment field, where he worked for a variety of companies, including The Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers.  Mr. Manning’s teaching experience has consisted of both lower and upper elementary grades.  The last two years, Mr. Manning has been with TEACH Academy, teaching 5th grade Math and Science.  Mr. Manning brings to TEACH his philosophy of learning by “doing”.  His classroom is a safe environment where students feel free to take risks and make mistakes in pursuit of problem solving.  Students are expected to think of solutions, apply their ideas, and test them.  As students try ideas, they will inevitably make mistakes.  Mistakes are not seen as a negative or anything to feel bad about but rather just another part of the learning process.  This approach leads to a deeper and longer lasting learning.

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