Staying Connected Day 20 (05-06-2020)

Good morning Families,

Monday and Tuesday got away from me. I hit the ground running and before I know it, my day is at a close. Pardon my missed messages.

Today, I'd like to share with you a list of standards you can check at home to assure our children are bridging gaps in learning. Much of our data has consistently informed us that the students (5-8) need to brush up on the following math and English standards:

  • Number Sense:  What is a number?  What does it mean? For example, what does the number 5 signify?
  • Multiplication Tables:  This is a 3rd grade standard and most of our students still need to learn their tables.  And they need to understand the concept behind multiplication.
  • Division: What does division mean? Long division
  • Fractions: What is a fraction?  How do I add them, subtract them, multiply and divide them?  What do they mean? What is the relationship of a fraction to a decimal or a percent?
  • Decimals:  What does a decimal mean?  How are 2. and .2 and .02 different? What value does it give my number?  What is the relationship of a decimal to a fraction or a percent?
  • Percents:  What is a percent?  How do I use it?  How do I calculate the percent of a number?  What is the relationship of a percent to a fraction or a decimal?
  • Writing a complete simple and complex sentence.
  • Looking for inferred meaning in a text.
  • Identifying fact from opinion.
  • Identifying an appropriate source to justify an idea.
These are all skills that we use everyday in life.  They are skills that you can help us support at home in various ways.  The resources the teachers provide already make these standards a part of their instruction.  Programs for math include DreamBox and Khan Academy.  Programs for English include No Red Ink, NewsELA, and IXL.  

The teachers are also available to support during the ZOOM conferences or during a scheduled meeting outside ZOOM conference hours.

We are here to continue to support you and our student as you have now become the home teacher.

Please reach out and let us know how else we can support your work at home.

Be well,
Ms. Torres