Staying Connected Day 19 (05-01-2020)

Good morning TEACH Family!

It is always agreeable when we connect. It allows for a sense of normalcy in this new way of interacting with one another and it allows for us to continue to build our relationship. A few of you shared you appreciated me sharing a bit about myself the other day. And, although I have met many of the 8th grade families and a few of the 5th, 6th, and 7th, I have not met all. Some of the information contained here is already known to some of you, some is not. So, I'll share a bit more about myself in an effort to continue to grow our relationship.

I was born in Brooklyn and I am of Puerto Rican descent. I was raised by my paternal grandmother, never met my mother and my father re-married and although nearby, the most interaction I had with him was dealing with his alcoholism on one end and on the other being prideful when he was in his right mind and standing tall. By the age of 15 my life took a different turn than many 15 year olds and I had the opportunity to become emancipated. So, I did. Since then, my life has forever been a series of paths and choices. All of which have lead me here. I cannot remember a time in all of those years that I did not face some sort of challenge or struggle - to this day I continue to be a single-mother, still concerned over mine and now theirs, as grandma, abue, nana, or gua-gua (whatever I'm called). That is my personal challenge. My professional challenge is being here with you, strengthening our school community, building stronger bonds and making the necessary adjustments and adaptations that need to be made to assure we are offering you and yours a quality education that will impact our community for generations to come.

Life, for me, has never been without challenge or difficulty. So in many ways I'm not daunted. But in many ways, I'm well aware that I cannot do things alone. I am eager for us to continue this journey, wherever it leads, knowing that we have a hand in where that is.

This too shall pass. And we'll be all the better for it.

Ms. Torres