Staying Connected Day 14 (04-21-2020)

Good Morning Families,

I hope everyone is doing well and doing the best you can to stay safe. COVID-19 has brought a new test of wills to our community. And that's okay. I know it has been difficult. It's been difficult for all of us. And that's okay too. We are not tested beyond our capacity.

To date, COVID cases in California stand at 33,861; Deaths have been 1,223; LA County: Cases: 13,816; Deaths: 617; Cases in Westmont: 56

What does all that mean? It means that COVID-19 is present in our community and we should not take it lightly. It does not mean we should panic. It means take the necessary precautions to minimize exposure and keep yourself and your family safe.

There is a lot of information out there telling us to do this and do that. Inform yourself, but don't overwhelm yourself.

Stay the course.

Ms. Torres